My name is Jezra
Drumbra: a diatonic dombra tuned string instrument with a skin drum for the body
Brandubh gameboard
Game Of Ur Round 2: bag and board are one!
Paddle Cat
The Royal Game of Ur Board
Summer Camping Ger
Bird House
4 String Fretless Thing
Catfish Tank
Tower Of Power
Pupper Pyramid AKA Dog House
A ridge mount for Starlink
On This Imbolc
20 Foot Chair
Chair 2: Viking/Stargazer
Chair 1
Testing T-Mobile: Round 2
A tale of 2 paddles
Woofsnaval: rigged for Wind
Woofsnaval: an outrigger canoe
Fish Trap
Another Brass Bell
Sewing a Face Mask
Licht: an Ember based frontend for the Philips Hue API
Two hand drums
Station: an API controlled stream player
On this Imbolc
chicken coop door upgrade
Panpipes / Pan Flute / Syrinx
Project Griswold: rigging a canoe for sailing
Seat Fix in the mobile office
A new home for a brass bell
sewing a cover for a bagpipe
a little battery backup
Bluetooth Speaker
the T-Mobile network experiment (it was shit)
Brass Bell #2
Brass Bell #1
Copper Bells
A Frosty Otter Morn
Carnyx: a long winded adventure :)
Application Launcher in Python with GTK3
Purism Devkit: flashing made more simplerer
On This Imbolc
A Coat for Kaylee
Kiwi Trellis
Mobile Office Power
Sheep during a lull in the Storm
Sewing a cover for a practice goose
Controlling my coffee maker over my network Part 1: Hardware
Rains of Castamere GHB
It was a good day to make a flag pole
Aqua Thingy Part II
Aqua Thingy Part 1
On This Lunasa
Annoyatron - Part II: The Code
Annoyatron - Part I: The Hardware
Bioluminescent Critter
Fire the trebuchet!
Beltaine Buzzards
Testing the new wheel supports on Rufus!
Scotch broom broom
Does a cedar kitchen utensil impart a cedar flavor to food?
Emergency Black Sabbath button [Remade]
Adding a hard drive to Cronos
Replacing a patch
Phonos: a voice input device. part II: code
On This Imbolc
Phonos: a voice input device. Part 1: The Build
Orb1: Another Orb light
Another Toaster that no longer makes toast
Some photos from the morning
Fixing A Busted Coffee Cup
Sheep Shaka
A slow unwind
compiling, and styling code
More audio for the toaster
For Science!
Daspin Seo: Wolf Creek (video)
Building This Website
The Veil is thin