Kiwi Trellis

The need to have a kiwi trellis had been on my mind for quite some time, and multiple possible ways to build the trellis swirled in my brain and clouded my mind. It was rather uncomfortable. Questions of how to go about making the trellis wouldn't leave me alone. Should I use pressure treated posts? Should I weld some "T"s with steel pipe? What sort of welder should I get? How will I cut the pipes to make them fit snugly?

Then I asked myself the most human question: what is the most efficient way to go about doing this that will require the least amount of effort? Finding the answer to that question is one of the driving forces of our species.

Anyway, last Sunday was an extra coffee kind of day, and inspiration struck while sippin at the Moose Lodge.

Get some metal pipes, drive them into the ground, cut a notch in the top of each pipe, hang a welded wire panel in the channel and then secure the panel to the post with screws and washers. There is no welding or specialized cutting, just post pounding, sloppy cuts, and some drilling. splendid :)

Supplies include:

Sloppy cuts

Two pairs of notches were cut on one end of each pipe for the channel. I opted to not remove the notched piece until after the pounding.

Marking the posts

The pipes were marked at 18" and 24" so that I keep track of the depth of the pipes as they sank into the ground.

Hella blurry notch removal

Wooooweeeee, after pounding 4 piles two feet into the ground, I was sweating and my glasses were fogged up.
This picture is worth a thousand words that are all synonymous with "not helpful in any way". :)

Pipes and panel

Well that is certainly a better picture. Pipes are in the ground, and the hog panel is hanging in place.

Hella blurry screw and washer

Damn, another crap picture, but hopefully you get the idea. Oh, look at that sweet 'guest house' in the background.

Done and done

Now I just need to plant some kiwi vines and see what happens.

cheers :)