Adding a hard drive to Cronos

Much to my chagrin, Wind, the media player from way back when, has finally kicked the bucket. After being decommissioned from media playback duty, the computer lived on as a local backup for various devices, and also as the controller for the Emergency Black Sabbath button.

Over time, she found a new home in a hella sweet case and her power switch was from a 61 VW Ghia. For the last few weeks after the switch broke, I had been using two bare wires to 'hotwire' the machine into starting.

Alas, she is no more. :(

Not wanting to be without the backup server, I decided to put one of Wind's SATA drives into Cronos.


Some wires were stripped and connected to jumpers so that 5V can be pulled from some of the GPIO pins on the board.

Suspend the drive

The eyelets were left over from a previous build using this clock/case. Thank you *lazy me* for not removing them. A bit of yarn, and there ya go.

Connecting the cables

plug in the drive, give the case a good dusting, scoop out some insect carcasses, and Cronos is ready.

Back in action

The drive was formatted and mounted. Then the rsync backup script was edited to use the new drive in Cronos.

Shortly afterwards, I picked up the mic, said "play riders of doom", and
began writing on a rainy day.