On this Imbolc

On this Imbolc, it was a beautiful sunny day that afforded much time for the collection of firewood; Winter is going to arrive late. Also, there was pipping, cracking, and hatching!

In December, while waiting in line at the local grocery store, I was called out for purchasing eggs. A friend, who is well aware that I raise chickens, just happened to notice the dozen eggs in my basket and uttered "why are you buying eggs? don't you have chickens?"

How embarassing

The problem, is that chickens will only lay eggs when they get a certain amount of light during the day, and in the Winter, there is just not enough light.

As a solution, I installed a solar charged LED string in the chicken's coop. the LED string charges during the day, turns on at dark, and illuminates the coop until the batteries lose charge. this added a few more hours of light to the chicken's day, and about 5 days later the chicken's started laying again. Wooohooo!

but wait, I only have 3 chickens: a rooster and two hens. If I wanted even more eggs, I would need more chickens. When collecting eggs in the chilly Winter, if I happened to find a fresh warm egg, that egg would go into the incubator. Five such eggs were collected over a span of about 10 days.

21 days later …

Chirpy beeboos!

Just like an evil Gremlin

Not like an evil Gremlin

Hot damn, who doesn't like hatching dinosaurs?

jezra :)