For Science!

What happens if? That is a question that humans have been asking since the dawn of humanity. What happens if I do this? What happens if I do that? ... and the next thing you know, we have somewhat controlled fire, split the fucking atom, and mastered the art of converting sugar into alcohol. Today, I asked 'What happens if?'

While working on Operation Rufus, I realized five very important things:

  1. testing will require a projectile that floats
  2. testing will require a projectile that is consistent in size and weight
  3. testing will require a projectile that is readily accessible
  4. testing will require a projectile that is fairly inexpensive
  5. a can of beer meets all of these requirements

OK, perhaps it wasn't a "what happens if?", but it was most certainly a "If I huck a can of beer into a pond, how foamy will the beer be when I crack it open?", because honestly, there aren't that many experiments that one can do with a trebuchet.... or are there?

So here we go... for science :)

Operation Rufus

Current status: working, not very efficiently. Oh well, at least I have a trebuchet capable of launching stuff. For this test, the projectile is a can of Sierra Nevada Nooner

The Launch
Put can in trebuchet... giver!
Not very foamy
The can had a few lumps and bumps from hitting the water, but aside from those few surface distortions, the can was just fine, and there was hardly any foam when I cracked the can.
Tastes just fine
With the exception of a few bits of pond muck, the beer tastes just fine. Oh hey, me without facial hair.
Final Results
From what I can tell, hucking a can beer into the pond doesn't cause the beer to become overly foamy. Fortunately for me, the beer comes in a 12 pack, and it should be fairly easy for me to reproduce this test multiple times... for science!