Sewing a cover for a practice goose

Recently, I picked up a McCallum PG-PC4 practice goose, and yesterday while practicing out by a fallen branch, It dawned on me that the goose was in dire need of some clothing. All of the other bagpipes have a nice sewn cover, why shouldn't my new little doodle buddy have one as well?

Where inspiration strikes!

Aside from being a fine place to doodle, I can sometimes send text messages from here.

Sunset is when I put the sheep away

What a lovely color... it is a shame I don't have any fabric that color

So long Sun, hello crafting

Gather supplies and start tracing

yea, that's a left-handed practice goose, and those are some sweet lefty scissors

Expand the pattern

The pattern was extended by the width of a U.S. Quarter

Sleeve for the blowpipe attachment tube

The basic shape of the blowpipe attachment tube was traced and expanded a bit. If I were doing this again, the base of the sleeve would be much wider in order to better fit the taper.

Wow those patterns cut out so easily

Thank you left handed Fiskars

Get stitchin

The pattern was traced onto fabric, flipped, aligned and traced again. This resulted in a single piece of fabric that I only needed to fold in half, pin one side, and then fire up the machine!

The hole for the sleeve

The sleeve was cut, and sewn, and then the base diameter was roughly determined. By 'roughly', I mean the diameter was about the same as a large dollar coin.

The inner circle seen here was traced from a large dollar coin. :)

The Test / The Connundrum

Dooooood, how am I going to stitch this together? I'll make a bloody mess of my fingers if I try to pin it, and work it through the machine.

This was the tough spot for me, the buzzkiller: my sewing machine skills are not of the caliber required for this sort of sewing. Or at least that is what I kept thinking.

Then I reminded myself that I'm fully capable of hand stitching the sleeve onto the cover and that I shouldn't be so damn lazy. In my ever deceiving mind's eye, I envisioned a simple stitch to anchor the fabric together, trimming off excess fabric, and then whip stitchin it all together majestically.

The simple anchor stitch

Certainly not the clean straight stitch from that ever deceiving mind's eye o' mine, but it definitely worked better than I expected.

Oh, actually, this stitch job has the sleeve "wrong side out", so it was ripped and redone. :) funtimes

A tight fit underfoot

Maybe my sewing machine skills ARE of the caliber required for this sort of sewing. There is only one way to find out... so under the foot we went, and it went splendidly.

Finished product

Shityea boyeeee. Hella sweet goose coozie for a doodle buddy,

So sleek, so red velvety, so doodle-ee-doot-doot!

jezra :)