sewing a cover for a bagpipe

No, I did not attent the New Hampshire Highland Games in September. However, on the last day of the games, Gibson Bagpipes held a raffle for a set of bagpipes, and since it was fully possible to purchase raffle tickets online, quite a few of the tickets had my name on them.

While up on the roof, installing new metal roofing, I received the phone call: "you won the bagpipes!"
Me: awesome! Can I get the pipes setup for a left-hander?
Gibson: yes, but we won't be able to get a left-handed bag cover
Me: no problem.

A few weeks later, the pipes arrived, and it was time to get crackin on the bag cover. The help of a local crafty seamstress was needed for the procurement of fabric. Although it is possible to simply go shopping at a fabric store, it is far more fun to get friends in on the bag cover excitement; and lets face it, bag pipe covers are increadibly exciting. :)

Two different fabrics were scored that day. Blue and Red. I used the red fabric.

Hella sick ripping!

The blue frabric is a former curtain; and it was not used for the cover. The liner of the curtain, however, was used for a template.

Trace and cut

A basic tracing of the bag cover for my old pipes resulted in a usable pattern. Hot damn, look at those sweet sinister scissors :)

Mark the placement of the drone and the blowpipe holes

The center point for the drone and blowpipe holes was marked, and an appropriate sized circle was draw around the points. Cutting holes in fabric? use sweet left-handed scissors!


patterns were made for the sleeves that will be sewn into the drone and blow pipe holes, and the main bag pattern was traced onto the red paisley fabric. Thankfully, I had a helper to keep all of the fabric in place


In hind sight, tracing a pattern on red fabric, with a red marker, is not the best idea.

Stitch some sleeves

Attach some sleeves

Hot damn, it is far easier to make sleeves than it is to attach sleeves. The far left sleeve in this shot is for the blow pipe, and it was the first sleeve to be attached. There is a *fold* in the sleeve that annoys the hell out me. No one else will ever notice, but I will. It doesn't bother me enough to rip and restitch though :)

Chicken dinner!

There it is; the new pipes and the new bag.

One more shot

Wooowee, that's a sharp dressed set of bagpipes. :)

Cheers, jezra