Bluetooth Speaker

This weekend is the KVMR Celtic Music Festival at the Fairgrounds, and while I am not attending, I do plan on listening to the event live on KVMR. In order to do this, I purchased a little retro style radio from the ReStore. Unfortunately, the radio doesn't do a very good job of picking up the KVMR radio signal. Fortunately, it is possible to stream the KVMR broadcast at

In order to listen to KVMR on the radio, gut the radio and convert to bluetooth sounds like a nice viable option. One might call it a perfect project for a rainy morn. As niftly little bluetooth kits are readily available for purchase online, and it happened to be a rainy morn… well, guess what happened. :)

That radio can't play KVMR

TAKE IT APART!!! This is one of my favorite parts of any project. :)

Gutted husk of a radio

Everthing was removed, even the cloth covering the grill.

New grill cover

A piece of red velvety cloth was cut to fit inside of the entire face of radio. For some reason, there is a bit of dog hair on the cloth.


Finished and waiting for use...

Streaming KVMR

Some time ago, there was a need to have quick access to some public radio station. That need producted

Pair an old phone to the speaker, open in a browser, select KVMR, … and listen :)