On This Lunasa

Lunasa may be a time to celebrate the first harvest, but woooweee it was a roasty 100° this evening. Having started my harvest this morning, I was determined to have an evening harvest, followed by a celebration.


It isn't possible for me to walk around without puppers by my side, and it isn't possible to harvest without walking around.


By far the most plentiful fruit to found in my area are blackberries. Fortunately for me, the sheep have been stripping the blackberry canes of their leaves and it makes the berries quite a bit easier to find. Unfortunately, this makes it easy for other critters to get the berries as well.

Yea, I quit after an hour, a couple pounds of berries, and far to many thorns and scratches.

Off to the garden

A few veggies and herbs from the garden were the finishing touch to the harvest. Those little orange tomatoes are practically candy. :)

Tend the critters

A snack of orchard grass for the sheep, and some sitting under an oak for me.

Hello Twilight

The finest way to celebrate :)

May your harvest be bountiful and filled with celebration.

Cheers! :) jezra