Seat Fix in the mobile office

Ever since I acquired a van, I have noticed a problem with the seats. As time went by, the problem became more and more annoying, and there came a point where I just snapped and said "that problem ends today". With dutiful focus, I embarked on a mission to end the problem once and for all.

Would you look at that? egads, how horrible.

Yea, that is absolutely unacceptable. Fortunately, the materials needed for a fix are fairly easy to obtain.

Make a template, and trace onto some foam.

A piece of cardboard was cut to fit the problem area, and then the cardboard template was traced onto some scrap foam. Big thanks to my buddy who kicked down a nice chunk of foam. The foam is about 6 inches thick and should work wonderfully.

Cut the foam

Wow, cutting foam to be a specific shape is a bit more difficult that I had imagined; and my "specific shape" is nothing but a few simple 90° angles. After making this seriously sloppy serpentine slapdash slice, I spent a bit of time cleaning up the edges to make everything a bit more square.

Pew Pew Pew!

The unused blue fabric from the bagpipe cover project has now been used! Remember to reduce, reuse, recycle

The fabric was wrapped around the foam in the exact fashion as I would wrap a boxed gift. Some hot glue secured the folds and flattened corners. As the plan calls for putting the glued side of the wrapped foam face down, no one will see if the glue job looks good or bad. And that is fine, because *function is more important here.

Testing fitment

wooowee, perfect fit!

Problem resolved!

Hot diggity, what a pleasant outcome. The problem of the seats not allowing puppers to stretch out as she does on a bench seat, is no more! Phew, that is such a relief. :D Cheers, Jezra