Brass Bell #2

The thing about buying brass sheets, is that there will always be some scrap left over that can be used in another project. Fortunately, another project could also include making another brass bell. :)

Hammer a tube and solder it closed

Hot damn, that may be the best seam I've made so far.

Keeping it metric and trace the cap

Prior to the start of this bell, I received a package containing some sweet computer bits and a folding metric ruler. Hell yea, it rules!

Cap, and Canon / Striker Mount

After hammering the cap, a chisel was hammered through the cap from the inside. A thin strip of brass was cut and then bent to fit through the hole in the cap.

Bend the strip

Once the bent strip was fed through the hole in the cap, the strip was bend some more to fit snugly against the inside of the cap. Then the two pieces were soldered together and a small hole was drilled in the end of longer 'arm' of the strip.

Dangling striker

A bit of copper wire suspends the striker. The final two peices of the bell are ready to be soldered.


Ding Ding Ding!

Woooweee what a fun time bellcrafting can be. Cheers :) jezra