Testing T-Mobile: Round 2

After last year's horrid experience with T-Mobile, I was pleased to see that T-Mobile updated their coverage map for my area, which hopefully meant that T-Mobile finally bothered to upgrade the local towers to use Band 71. Based on this info, I called T-Mobile support, listened to some foul hold-music interjected with T-Mobile ads, and finally managed to speak with a human who could help me try out the improved service.

A few days later, the T-Mobile hotspot arrived.

Challenge Accepted!

Yes, I will put you to the test...


The hotspot is a Franklin T9, and it shipped with battery, SIM card, and USB charger. No, it is not USB-C :/

On the Hill?

Nope, no signal on the hill :(

Keep Trying?

Nope, still no signal; just roaming :(

At the "sweet spot"?

Nope, still unable to get a signal :(

On the roof?

Unsurprisingly, even on my roof it was not possible to connect to T-Mobile's signal

Just like last year's test, T-Mobile hardware fails to pick up T-Mobile's signal in an area where T-Mobile's coverage maps claims there should be "fair" signal.

A mobile phone carrier should be able to provide service where the coverage maps says service is available; perhaps T-Mobile's failure in this regard is why the company refers to itself as an uncarrier :)