The Royal Game of Ur Board

So there I was in early 2022, chilling on the internet, and somehow I ended up being introduced to one of the oldest board games in the world, The Royal Game of Ur.

The desire to play the game was strong. Unfortunately, I didn't have a game board, and I didn't know anyone who did either. At that moment, the fever struck and apparently required action on 2022-02-12 when I set my band saw to cut at a 60° angle: perfect for making 4 sided die.

What follows, is what followed; the creation of a game set for the Royal Game of Ur in my woodshop.

Start of the die

3 sided rod of oak Game of Ur was originally played with 4 four sided die that have 2 sides marked so as to make each die a binary 1/0. This results in potential rolls from 0 to 4.

Finished Die

4 four sided die of oak putting the final angles on the die was a tough task for me. Eventually I made a sanding jig to make the die more accurate. If I ever make 4 sided die again, I'm going to invest time in making a sweet jig first.

Cut a lot of pieces and start glueing them together

a pile of cut wooden pieces, some in clamps, and a cuppa coffee The board is comprised of squares of oak, lined with redwood. The roll-again squares are made of mimosa wood, and the "safe" central square is redwood.

glueing pieces of glued pieces together

clamped and glued pieces of wood, and a cuppa coffee

The final glueing

multiple clamps holding multiple pieces of wood together

Shaped, sanded, and oiled

top view of the board for the royal game of Ur

Staining 2 points of the die

a row of 4 sided die with 2 points marked with stain

2 sets of 7 pieces

7 oiled, and 7 stained wooden discs The game pieces are discs cut from the trunk of a japanese maple. The tree was gift to me, but I tended it poorly and it died. Now the wood lives on!

All the pieces!

A complete Royal Game of Ur game set. Including the board, dice, pieces, and a bag to hold it all. On 2022-02-20 a bag for the game was stitched on my sewing machine.

All wrapped up

A complete Royal Game of Ur game set in a bag.

Wooowee, what a fun project, and what a fun game!

sHalL wE PLaY A gAmE?