Brass Bell #1

Crafting that involves smashing things with hammers, and using torches is quite fun. crafting copper bells is a fine way to scratch the crafting itch, however copper isn't the best of metals to use for such a project.

Brass on the other hand, makes for better sounding bells and instruments, and there is far less tarnish involved with brass than with copper.

Fortunately for me, it is easy to purchase brass material online; even better, my buddy Cainforge gifted me some scrap brass from his shop. sweet!

Hobbit style

when working metal, always be barefoot. That way you can get hella slivers in your feet. :/

the body of the bell was hammered from a flat sheet, and the edges were filed to create a smooth overlap

Solder the overlap together

A bit of fire and solder later, and the bell body is a solid tube.

inside of the cap, with canon/clapper-mount in place

a copper chain to connect the clapper to the clapper-mount

Hold it all together for the final soldering

Some screws and insulated solid copper wire make an excellent support rig to hold the components together while the final soldering is accomplished

the finished product

a bit of rotary tool wire brushing removed the excess solder and cleaned up the surface of the bell.

How does it sound?

Wooowee, what a fun bell.