Sewing a Face Mask

A face mask is something I want. At various times, it is a good idea to wear a face mask. Studies show that in certain circumstances, wearing masks is far more effective than doing nothing. That being said, in dire times, high grade masks are needed by the professionals, and that need outweighs my want.

But I still want a mask, and I've got stuff to make a mask, so how do I make a mask?
Use Science! Measure, cut, adjust, experiment with fabric, record the results, and share them so that others might benefit.

All measurements in metric because I don't hate you.

Make a template

Final measurements
Width: 27cm
Height: 19cm

hot damn, look at those hella sweet sinister scissors!
Once the template was cut out, the template was applied to the final mask fabric and traced. Then it was just a matter of cutting along four lines.

Sew the edges

The top and bottom were folded 1cm and stitched.
the sides were folded 4cm and stitched wide to create a tunnel for lacing.

As soon as the first stitch was laid down, I cursed myself for not choosing a darker thread, but in hindsight, the contrast of the thread color does a decent job of showing the wide tunnels on the sided.

A happy error is an educational feature :)

Add lacing

2 pieces of lacing were cut in 60cm lengths. Each lacing was threaded through a 4cm tunnel, and then tied to itself to make a loop that goes over the ears. A few seconds of knotted loop tests resulted in a decent fitment around my ears.


Sweet! Now me has mask, and it matches my bagpipe bag.