Game Of Ur Round 2: bag and board are one!

While sewing the bag for the Game of Ur, it dawned on me that a more portable version of the game could be created if the board and the bag were a single component. Carrying the game from place to place would be so much easier if the entire package could be rolled up and stuffed in a pocket.

So off I set to create yet another Game of Ur… but this time with portability in mind.

layout the sewing pattern

2 rulers and a pen on a piece of fabric with a grid drawn on it.

stitch with black yarn

black yarn in a sewing needle, and a few stitches

the black outline is complete

game of ur emulated in black yarn on red fabric

highlight the special squares

the fabric board with the 5 special squared highlighted with orange yarn

making game pieces and die

game pieces and die made of oak


half of the player pieces stained for contrast This is 'cabernet' stain; it is my 'go to' stain when I need to add some contrast to a pale wood project.

stain some pips on the die

5 cubes of pale oak with pips of cabernet stain Only 4 die are needed, but I opted to make 5 die and then discard the least square of the bunch. mmmm cabernet pips

hold it all together

wooden button stitched to the bottom of the board This button of maple is stitched to the bottom of the board. After rolling up the board, the extra piece of yarn is wrapped around the board and then wound around the button to hold the entire thing shut.


the board and all of the pieces, laid out in an orderly fashion

That's a wrap!

the fabric game board rolled up and ready to travel All in all, the game rolls up small enough to fit into a pocket… which makes it easy to carry the Royal Game of Ur with me whereever I may go!