Aqua Thingy Part 1

During a heatwave in early July, I decided that I should get a pool. So off I went on an adventure to find a small pool that would suit my needs. On the drive home from purchasing my new pool, I decided that pools are far more fun if they are utilized for food production and growing aquatic plants. The term for this is aquaculture and that is exactly what I ended up doing.

After the pool was setup, I got to work building a solar powered computer to control a water pump and a few valves so that I could remotely control circulating the water and irrigating my veggie garden.

Some Materials:

Driveways are over-rated

The pool instructions vehemently state that the pool must be installed on level ground. There is only one location at my home that is even close to being level: the middle of the driveway.

Keeping it full

An old broken trash can, and a float from a discarded livestock waterer soon became a float valve for the aqua-thingy.

Network connected control

The computer, relay, valves, and charge controller were all mounted to a hella finely crafted bit of wood. OK, I might have just screwed together some scrap wood to make a frame to hold things... but it works!

The water hoses are all ½ inch.

Set up and mostly running

The antenna has been attached to the Linkit, but has yet to be mounted properly

Not quite working

Something was a bit amiss with the setup, and it was necessary to ssh into the aqua-thingy computer and edit a few files. Fortunately, I could do the necessary fixes from my phone

Simple UI

It isn't much to look at, but I can control all of the relays with the press of a button :)

The aqua-thingy is ever evolving, and I am testing new pumps and controller code, and there are a few lotus plants starting to grow in the pool.