Chair 2: Viking/Stargazer

Heeyooo! After crafting chair 1, it was glaringly obvious that the wood pile didn't get much smaller, and Operation Reduce the Wood Pile wasn't going to happen unless I made some more stuff. Fortunately, a friend(or 2) told me about a simple chair design called the Viking Chair which is made from 2 pieces of wood that fit together by slipping one piece through a notch in the other piece.

Because the design can result in a chair with a very relaxed position for the back support, the chair can be wonderful for Stargazing.

Step 1: gather supplies! Ha, there is only one supply, a slab of cedar.

29cm wide, 280ish cm long, and maybe 4cm thick

Hot damn, looks at the cracks in that thing. Good thing I have wood glue.

The basic design

No, I did not use the same measurements, nor do I remember where I saw this design.

Notch in the back piece

The slab was cut to make a 144cm piece for the back support and uh... a piece whatever size the remainder was for the seat.

My favorite vice

After cutting a design at the head of the back support, the wood fell apart and required gluing. String and a twig helped me hold everything together as the glue dried.

Glue the seat piece

While glue was drying on the back support, I started working on the seat piece, which split in half lengthwise. Sigh. time for more glue!

Septa Kaylee Widdershins

After the glue dried, a bit more shaping was done to the head of the back support. Hey puppers!

Components completed

Aside from some design work on the back support, the seat piece was shaped down to allow the seat tongue to slip into the notch on the back piece.

More puppers

Thank you Kaylee for helping test the chair.

Yup, that's a chair

Is this cedar? it smells like a freshly sharpened pencil. Oh, you think that smells good? Well it does, and then after a few days of making hella dust, it no longer smells good. bummer

Ok, the wood pile is a bit smaller. Until next time…