Pupper Pyramid AKA Dog House

While researching shelter building methods, I thought about creating a shelter using rigid insulation covered with a bit of a protective coating. The process intrigued me enought that I decided to get some "hands on" experience.

Since I didn't want to build a human sized shelter, I opted for something a bit smaller… like a dog house.

Gather Supplies

2 sheets of 1½" rigid insulation; and a tube of construction adhesive.

Cut panels

The sheet was cut laterally at angles to create 4 isoscelese triangles. A pyramid calculator helped me with the angles. A doorway was also cut, and the removed piece was saved for later.

Assembled with tape and glue

The panels were glued at the seams, and held firm with packaging tape.

The saved doorway piece covers the doorway

Wrapped with sheet

This is an old bed sheet, cut up and stapled to the foam frame.


The sheet was given multiple coats of a thin slurry made of latex paint, water, and portland cement. The coating dried to a hard shell that helps protect the soft foam.

Base of the floor

A handle to haul the floor around

A good spot for a dog house?

The floor is 1x10 pine, coated with danish oil


Well there you go, a pup in pyramid! cheers, jezra