A new home for a brass bell

Sometimes, the point of making a bell is so that it can have a nice home somewhere. This is the tale of one such bell. There is a bakery downtown that lacks a bell on their door. How can they know if someone has entered the store if there is no bell?

It was a flumoxing enigma, that I decided to solve by crafting a bell for the door.

Making the hammer

The hammer was made from a skinny bit of brass rod soldered to a not very round piece of thick brass. Twisted baling wire held the components together while the soldering took place.

Skip a bunch of steps :)

the body, and cap/hammer-mount/hammer combo ready to be completed. The single link holding the hammer to the hammer-mount is copper wire; probably 12g.

Hold all of the pieces together

Baling wire and a screw make infinitely adjustable clamps when used *not quite as designed*... as all things should be used, for is that not the nature of humanity? Finding new uses for that which already has a set porpose.


A bit of scrub-a-dub put a nice shine on the bell.

The new home is not a door!

I tried. The only way to attach the bell to the door was to suspend the bell from the armature of the door closer. Unfortunately, the door and door closer were of an unsettingly high quality, and they moved is such an elegantly smooth fashion, that it was simply not possible to get the bell to ring. It was disheartening.

Then the proprietor of the establishment suggest moving the bell to a location where patrons would have the ability to ring the bell. And thus the bell found its home; and there was much joy in my heart.

The sound of this little dinger

There is a relief of pressure when a crafted object finds its home. It is a long sigh, an exhalation of pent up yearning. A calming silent warmth, broken only by the soft ringing of a bell.